Alanna Jewelry celebrates and inspires confident, vibrant women.

Exuding contemporary luxury, Alanna creates distinctive style for day and night.

Our Brand

Alanna is driven by the confident, vibrant women who wear our jewelry.

Our pieces celebrate your life. Exuding contemporary luxury, Alanna provides an accent for day and brilliance for evening. Crafting coveted styles with our signature design touch, Alanna jewelry fuses timeless appeal with modern polish. We celebrate the Alanna girl. We celebrate you.

Our Design

The Alanna aesthetic is original and refined. Contemporary motifs are realised in the finest materials, with semi-precious gemstones to add colour and texture. Our design process begins with purpose. We create pieces to serve your lifestyle and speak to your individual style. Unique inspiration behind each collection creates meaning and invites conversation. Versatile and chic, Alanna jewelry provides the finishing touch for outfits and events. For distinctive style, day and night.

Our Artisanry

Alanna jewelry is handcrafted by our talented craftspeople. Realized in 18ct gold, gemstones, and diamonds, each piece is meticulously finished to the highest standards. Our artisans are passionate about exploring and advancing fine jewelry craft techniques. We embrace challenging designs and innovative new ideas. We’re proud to have an RJC certified workshop and to use only ethically sourced and sustainable materials in our designs.

Our Philosophy

We believe in celebrating the impact of amazing women. Our jewelry brings the color to your life that you bring to the world. Our mission is to create fine jewelry that celebrates everything you are and do. Your life is the inspiration for our collections. We design luxurious and versatile jewelry, to become the cornerstones of your collection and the hallmark of your personal style.

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